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Foster Homes Wanted!​

As a volunteer-run rescue, we depend on the generosity of our community members to help sustain our work. In addition to ​donating money, materials, or time, we LOVE having people donate their homes to serve as foster parents to cats or kittens while they are in transition. 

Foster homes are an important staple of our rescue, because they both keep cats out of shelters, help ease the burden on our volunteers, and provide a loving and caring environment for cats, which is so important to their health and happiness! Additionally, foster parents are key to socializing shy kitties, or providing attentive care to young or sick kitties until they are ready to move into their permanent home.

Additionally, if you are not sure if you want the lifelong commitment of owning a cat, fostering provides a great alternative for short-term companionship, or to test out how it might feel to have a cat at home, before you make a longer commitment. 

Requirements to Foster:

As a foster parent, we ask that you provide the necessities like food, liter, toys, etc., but we provide the vet care and any medicine that the cat might need while in your care. Longer-term fosters are preferred, but at a minimum, we request 2 weeks from foster parents. We are always in need of fosters, and especially are in need of fosters who have experience and time to care for bottle-fed kittens.

Sign up today!

If you'd like to foster a cat or kitten, you can see pictures of our available cats on our Facebook page. We often have more cats and kittens available than shown, so if you find one that catches your eye, let us know, but if not, you can tell us what you're looking for. We'll ask for you to first fill out a foster application online, and once our team has reviewed and approved it, we'll ask you to sign a foster contract.  

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